Fee Schedule

Kerry Heath is contracted with most private insurance carriers in order to reduce the cost of care for patients.  The following are some of the insurance companies she is currently contracted with for your benefit.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield



Tricare (Prime & Standard)


United Healthcare

Ms. Heath is not contracted with Medicare, Medicaid, or AHCCCS. 

For self-pay clients, please inquire regarding rates and a good faith estimate  of expected charges. 

*There are discounts offered for direct pay clients working in the mental health field.  Please contact for further information.*


There are times that we all become ill and/or our family members struggle with some sort of illness that require us to care for them.  Mrs. Heath respectfully asks that you and your family members not attend counseling sessions when/if there is an illness present.  She cannot work if she and/or her children become ill and this impacts a large number of clients. Please be free of fever and other contagious symptoms for at least 24 hours.

Helpful Information

Hope Counseling & Eating Recovery Center of Arizona

Kerry Heath is not accepting new clients at this time

Cancellations/No Shows

Please contact the office at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment to avoid being charged a Late Cancellation Fee or a No Show Fee  if you intend to miss your appointment.


1.  Do I have to have an eating disorder diagnosis to be seen at Hope Counseling?

No.  Kerry Heath is trained to treat a wide range of mental health issues.  There are many patients at Hope Counseling who do not have eating disorders.

2.  Do you treat those who do not consider themselves to be Christians at Hope Counseling?  We see that you received your training at a religious university. 

Yes.  People of all faith backgrounds are welcome at Hope Counseling and feel comfortable being here.  

3.  Do you work together with other professionals in the community?

Absolutely.  I feel that it is very important to work together with members of other professions to form a complete treatment team.  If you do not have the necessary members of your team already in place, I can make the appropriate referral(s) needed to complete your team.  I have a regular and complete  team of professionals that I work with consistently.