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Mrs. Heath is an approved supervisor for the State of Arizona.  She is also an approved supervisor with IAEDP(International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals) for those wishing to further their education in the field of eating disorders and earn a CEDS (Certified Eating Disorders Specialist ) designation through IAEDP.  Those interested in supervision opportunities should contact Mrs. Heath at kerryheathaz@protonmail.com for further information. 

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Consultation in specialized areas is available to assist professionals in developing and improving sound clinical judgement, ethical practices, and a greater understanding of practice areas.  Mrs. Heath is available for case consultation in the area of eating disorders, specifically, to offer expertise to clinicians needing additional support and guidance.

Mrs. Heath offers consultation for families to offer support, guidance and knowledge in the area of supporting family members in navigating treatment and recovery from eating disorders.  This is different than clinical treatment offered in individual and family therapy sessions.  Family members often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and in of need support and guidance to manage the process of seeking out and dealing with treatment for loved ones.  This does not require treatment on their part, but rather a consult with an experienced professional. 

Professional Consultation Fees:

Please contact Mrs. Heath to discuss rates for consultation.

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This is a must have book if you are considering venturing out into the world of private practice or if you are needing some pointers regarding specific areas of private practice from an experienced clinician.  Kerry Heath has compiled years and expertise into one place for mental health professionals to access a step-by-step guide of starting a private practice. This book contains everything from how to get started, marketing tips, billing, documentation, insurance credentialing and examples of business forms needed to run your practice. 

Kerry Heath is a well-respected clinician and author in the mental health field.  She has owned a private practice herself since early 2011 where she specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, OCD, and trauma.  She has written and contributed to many online publications such as Men's Health, Scary Mommy, Parents.com, Verywell Family, and Choosing Therapy

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